If you operate a production facility that produces biomass waste such as wood waste or agricultural waste, then you know how difficult it can be to manage that waste material. If you’re not realizing revenue from the sale of that biomass material, you could be.

We offer solutions to turn your biomass waste into energy. This solution is called “briquetting” and it has revolutionized how other parts of the world maximize energy utilization by reusing biomass waste materials.

A lot of attention has been given to “pellets,” but pelletizing biomass material is not the solution for everyone. Briquetting systems provide a great way to transform your biomass waste into a clean, slow-burning solid biofuel source that can be used to produce heat or electricity. Alternately, you can sell briquettes to any number of companies or individuals that already burn solid biofuel.

Briquetting is very popular in Europe and around the world. In fact, the demand exceeds supply and this has forced them to import millions of tons of briquettes from outside their countries. Utilizing briquettes as a solid biofuel for energy is growing in popularity in North America for many reasons:

  • Inexpensive to produce
  • Easy handling and storage and a long shelf life
  • Clean and efficient to burn
  • Government incentives

Energy pucks and consumer logs can reduce biomass waste volumes as much as 10/1 and can be up to half the storage for the same tonnage of pellets. Briquette logs are less than half the storage space of cord wood without the bugs, moisture and inconvenience.

Weather you’re a candidate for energy pucks or consumer logs, have wood waste material that you pay to get rid of or manage to sell for less than you’d like, we very well may have a solution for you. Contact us today and let us assist you in evaluating your biomass waste and start turning your waste into dollars.


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Briquette Plant with (3) Lines


Briquette Logs


Briquette Pucks


All Types of High Density Briquettes



PRODECO Vertical E55 Hydraulic Press

DIPIU Heavy Duty Mechanical Briquettte Press

  • Logs/Pucks/Briks
  • Mechanical – High Pressure & Heat
  • Single Presses from 500 lbs up to 3 Tons/Hr
  • Biomass Materials, Wood, Paper, Agri-Fibers, etc.
  • Low Maintenance, Low Energy Consumption
  • Compaction Ratio as High as 10/1


DIPIU Mechanical Press MB 90

PRODECO Hydraulic Briquette Press

  • Log/Puck Briquettes
  • Hydraulic Press Ideal for Smaller Applications
  • Presses from 150 to 500 Lbs/Hr
Hammer Mill with Integrated Blower


  • Industrial Hammer Mills For A Wide Variety Of Applications
  • Complete Project Engineering Solutions
  • Material Handling Solutions
  • Small & Large Volume Applications